London Private Investigators (LPI) is one of the leading private detective agencies in London. We differ from other investigation firms in that we specialise in financial crime. However, we also have an active division involved in complex cases for the corporate and legal sector.

Based in central London with a network of experienced operatives around the country, LPI are able to carry out discreet and professional investigations at short notice if necessary. LPI serves the legal profession with litigation support, fraud/scam investigations, and corporate due diligence. We offer a highly efficient, flexible, and discreet service.

LPI can also help individuals uncover facts in their personal lives, as well as assisting victims of psychological abuse. We handle cases of domestic violence, in particular revenge pornography and coercive control.

All your dealings with us are kept in strict confidence. Not only does LPI always operate within the law and abide by the WAPI Code of Ethics, but it also conducts all investigations with the utmost integrity and honesty, respecting the privacy of clients at all times.


Background Checks

Well-known in the industry for its accurate and comprehensive checks (always sourced legitimately), LPI offers unparalleled research on individuals and businesses.

Litigation Support

We have considerable success in reporting to law firms in both civil and criminal investigations.


Our team of specialists in mobile and static surveillance have the skills, experience, and know-how to obtain crucial evidence for private and commercial clients.


We can find lost relatives, adopted persons, debtors, old friends, ex-partners, missing witnesses, missing company directors or other type.

Computer Forensics

LPI’s forensics agents have an in-depth knowledge of operating systems and can recover data from hard drives, email servers, and more.

Insurance Investigations

Suspicious insurance claims can be exposed by LPI’s agents who use sophisticated covert technology to acquire decisive evidence.

Revenge Pornography

We can help remove and stop the dissemination of material on websites, and assist in prosecuting offenders in breach of the Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015.

fraud investigations

Whether clients wish to investigate extortion, bribery, falsification, or any other kind of suspected dishonest activity, LPI have expertise in this field as well connections with enforcement agencies.

Close Protection

Clients have hired our SIA-licensed close protection officers for large events as well as VIPs. We consult on risk assessment and security planning.

Agent profiles

Unlike other agencies that mostly employ ex-police officers, our agents are graduates of the world’s top universities, and trained by the Academy of Professional Investigation. We have a network of experienced operatives throughout the country, deployable at short notice.

Our team of specialists in mobile and static surveillance have the skills, experience, and know-how to obtain crucial evidence for private and corporate clients.

GPS Tracking
Asset Search/Recovery
Covert Investigations
Computer/Mobile Forensics
Tracing/Background Checks
Agent D

Agent D - Debugger / Sweeper

Agent D is a specialist in finding electronic eavesdropping devices. Using sophisticated equipment, he sweeps office buildings for hidden bugs, radios, spy cameras, and microphones. He can also detect phone tapping, computer hacking, and GPS trackers.

Agent K5

Agent K5 - Surveillance Operative

Agent K5 is a surveillance operative. His expert knowledge of recording and satellite tracking technology coupled with his vast experience in undercover work allows him to monitor subjects discreetly.

Agent B

Agent B - Background/Tracing Specialist

Our background checks can include crime court verdicts, worldwide sanctions, negative media search, corporate/property ownership, as well as personal details such as phone numbers and marriage records. We can perform checks for employment screening or private reassurance.

Agent H1

Agent H1 - Computer Forensics

Agent H1 gathers data from electronic devices. Using proprietary software, she examines critical information and files reports that are prepared for legal proceedings and used in court.

Agent A1

Agent A1 - Chief Investigator

A Chief Investigator manages an investigation, coordinating the project and delegating tasks to other agents. He is the usual point of contact with a client.

Agent M2

Agent M2 - Fraud Investigator

Agent M2 only deals with cases involving fraudulent activity. She has undertaken different types of fraud including financial, online, insurance, property, and identity.




The information you provide will be treated in total confidentiality